• It is stable and safe.
  • Is free.
  • Completely in Spanish.
  • It has an attractive and simple graphical interface.
  • It has accessibility tools for people with disabilities.
  • It has multimedia applications.
  • It allows interaction with people through the Internet, either via email, instant messaging.
  • It has Free Software repositories.
  • The Lion Linux Project was born in a process of change and socialist construction with values ​​of integration and dissemination of knowledge.
  • It proposes the development of products and services aimed at reversing what until now was technological dependence.
  • Lion Linux GNU/Linux is developed under Free Software (SL) standards, taking the most stable and modern technology from the international community, as well as its collaborative production model as opposed to the transnational model. Their applications do not limit their use to the Public Administration, but can be used by anyone.
  • Its applications are stable and secure, this is because they go through a series of rigorous quality processes and tests. It is made by Venezuelan talent.
  • From Venezuela to the world!